Creating the setting for
inspired living.

The Lodge is so much more than a collection of buildings. It is an interconnected community, where a sense of compassion, mutual respect and honesty can be felt every day. Here, you’ll be encouraged to learn and love all you can, in a place that fosters body, mind and spirit. You’ll have countless choices, from programs to social time to what to have for dinner. And you’ll have opportunities to make a difference, because you have a voice that truly should be heard.

The Lodge is also a sensible financial choice.

This is a fee-for-service community, which means your entrance fees are lower, with refundable options depending on which contract you choose – and then, you’ll only pay for additional care if you need it. Since your entrance fee can be refundable, your investment is protected from the stock market or unpredictable investment options, in case you need it for yourself or you want it as part of your estate.

The Lodge is a full-service retirement community owned by Magnolia Manor Senior Living, a non-profit with eight locations throughout Southern Georgia. This organization was founded in 1963 and is rooted in the United Methodist Church. Ask around, and you’ll find that we’ve earned a reputation for creating nurturing and loving environments that help residents live life to its fullest.

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