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Veterans Retiring in Columbus, GA

Georgia is rated #1 as the best state for retirement. Columbus is ranked among top 10 cities to retire in the US. It has also been featured in Where to Retire magazine as one of the country’s top retirement destinations. So who wouldn’t want to retire to Columbus, Georgia?! For veterans, Columbus is even more desirable as a place to spend your leisure years. Where to Retire says this town goes “the extra mile to make retired veterans feel at …

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veteran retirement in columbus georgia

The Benefits of Choosing a Retirement Community Long Before You Need It

It can be tempting to keep putting off thinking about the future, but the older you get, the more you understand the value of time. If you’re in good health mentally and physically now, you have the precious gift of time. Using that time to deliberately chart a course for your future allows you to make fully-informed and best-choice decisions. Waiting until you become ill or begin to require assistance with daily tasks puts undue pressure on you and your …

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senior independent living in columbus georgia

Pet Friendly Senior Living

In a 2019 survey, 70% of seniors said their pet is a factor in considering where to live for retirement. At The Lodge, we understand because we’re pet lovers too. That’s why even though most senior living communities do not allow pets – at least not dogs or cats – we’re pet-friendly and proud of it! Pets are welcome to join their humans as residents at our brand new senior living community, in our independent living villas and ground floor …

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pets in senior living

Faith-Based Retirement in Columbus, GA

Two-thirds of Americans 65 or older say that religion is “very important” in their lives. If you are considering a move to a senior living community and you have a strong religious faith, you might want to choose a faith-based community. There is a lot to be said for a community where residents share your beliefs and values. With so much in common, it’s easy to make friends and feel welcomed and comfortable, right from the start. But what is …

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faith based senior living columbus

Gain More Independence with Independent Living at The Lodge

What does “independence” mean to you? When you were young, you may have thought it meant never having someone else tell you what to do. As you got older, though, you realized independence is really about self-reliance – the ability to “do” for yourself as you live your life. The ability to make decisions for yourself, to handle everyday tasks, to come and go as you like. If you’re a senior or are approaching retirement, it’s easy to assume the …

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The Benefits of Securing Your Spot Early in a New Senior Living Community

We all know what it means to get in on the ground floor of new opportunities. Often, we think of investments in this respect. And what better – or more important — investment than the community where you plan to live for the rest of your life? Especially when it’s someplace as extraordinary as The Lodge, where we’re redefining retirement in Columbus, GA. The Lodge is not only new, but different. Our community will offer the best in affordable, faith-based, …

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Full-Service Retirement Community in Georgia

There is a lot more to retirement than not having to go to work every day. Or there should be. When you’re healthy and active, retirement means you can still be busy, but focused doing things you love to do. Or things you’ve always wanted to do. An empty nest means you can downsize, too, and moving to a retirement community is a very appealing option. But not just any community. You’ve earned your retirement – now it’s time to …

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full service senior living georgia

The Science of Safety and Sustainability: An Interview with Mitch Elliott, RDG Planning and Design

Can wellness actually be part of the plan when you’re constructing a community? It is at The Lodge, where safety and sustainability have started right at the architect’s drawing board. We met with The Lodge’s architect Mitch Elliott, AIA, Principal of RDG Planning and Design, to discuss the features that go into creating a health-focused community. Q. What is the idea behind the wellness features at The Lodge? Mitch Elliott: We call them Well Being Strategies, and they incorporate body, …

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What Are the Most Common Skilled Nursing Services in Senior Living Communities?

As parents and grandparents require increased health and wellness care, family members are tasked with helping them make informed decisions. Many people consider residential communities, which offer wide-reaching options that include assisted living, independent living and skilled nursing services, among others. Each of these living arrangements offers our valued family members specific treatment and care depending on their wellness needs. But not all life plan (or full-service) communities are created equal, nor do they all offer the care necessary to minimize …

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5 Reasons Why Retiring Now Is The Right Move For You

Thoughts about retirement heighten the feeling of both fear and desire. We all want the freedom that comes with no longer having to punch a clock or be on task full time. By that same token, fears about financial stability and lacking purpose sometimes cause retirement-age people to stay in the workforce longer than necessary. If you have spoken about retiring with friends and family members, you probably fielded wide-reaching advice. This may include worry about money or having nothing …

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