5 Reasons Why Retiring Now Is The Right Move For You

Thoughts about retirement heighten the feeling of both fear and desire. We all want the freedom that comes with no longer having to punch a clock or be on task full time. By that same token, fears about financial stability and lacking purpose sometimes cause retirement-age people to stay in the workforce longer than necessary.

If you have spoken about retiring with friends and family members, you probably fielded wide-reaching advice. This may include worry about money or having nothing to replace that 40-hour workweek you’re accustomed to negotiating. Others see retirement as an opportunity to take up new challenges and hobbies and spend more time socializing with loved ones. In all likelihood, you have also done some due diligence by reading articles posted on the internet that weigh the pros and cons of retiring. This not one of those so-called “think pieces.”

There are two ways of looking at the live-work conundrum. Either you live to work, or you work to live. The latter typically leads to a better quality of life, and that makes retiring today an opportunity not to be missed. If you have chosen a live to work path, it may be in your best interest to rethink that position as you approach retirement age. You may discover an entirely new world of fruitful possibilities and a far superior quality of life. Either way, you have worked hard and carried plenty of water to this point. These are five reasons to retire now and enjoy the carefree and passion-filled retirement years you deserve.

1: You Will Have More Time to Spoil Your Grandchildren

By the time you approach retirement age, your children have grown and may have families of their own. You may have been an “empty nester” for some time and all that living space is more of a cleaning burden than it is useful living space. Your income no longer pays for the everyday costs of raising a family. But your financial portfolio could be reimagined to reduce expenses by moving into a retirement community. If so, you can still be the generous grandparent who showers gifts on grandchildren. In fact, you’ll have more precious time to spend with your grandchildren than ever before if you retire right now.

2: You Can Move to a State That Doesn’t Tax Social Security

It may be a stunning revelation to find out that you live in a state that takes taxes out of your hard-earned Social Security retirement benefits. Believe it or not, about a dozen states reportedly take taxes out of fixed-income retiree money. If you feel that is wrong-headed, few would disagree.

The good news is that retiring now allows you to relocate to a more reasonable state that respects the fact hard-working people put in their time and deserve every penny of Social Security. Georgia ranks among the retirement-friendly states that don’t touch your Social Security benefits. That’s one of many reasons good people consider moving into retirement communities in Georgia like the Lodge located in Columbus.

3: Retirement Community Experience Delivers a Wealth of Opportunity

One of the driving fears that hold people back from leaving the workforce stems from the fact they have few retirement-age friends and neighbors. If you raised a family, you may have selected the area for good schools and a neighborhood with other children. It’s not uncommon for those other families to have relocated after their children became adults. What sometimes happens is that only a few 60-somethings remain. That can limit your ability to interact and share experiences.

Retirement communities are a unique solution because they bring together people of similar ages and interests. Newly-minted retirees are quickly taking advantage of cost-effective independent living communities that enjoy beautiful landscapes located near cultural hubs. The right independent living community in Georgia delivers opportunities for outdoor activities, shopping, fine dining, movies and live music, among others, while not having to handle tasks such as housekeeping. You will have plenty of age-appropriate friends who enjoy many of the same interests.

4: The YOLO Philosophy Matters

The trendy expression “You Only Live Once” (YOLO) proves increasingly true when people reach the point when they can retire. No one wants to look back over their life and regret not having spent more time with loved ones or checking things off their bucket list. If you want to go fly fishing on the big rivers or teach grandchildren to play tennis, time is on your side today.

5: Retirement Communities Extend Quality of Life Experiences

Pivoting away from financial burdens into retirement communities allows retirees to enhance long-term quality of life experiences. It’s not uncommon for people who are thinking about retirement to consider residential living environments that offer tiered services.

For example, newly retired people have the vitality to embrace independent living lifestyles. Communities that provide routine services such as housekeeping and meal preparation can reduce daily tasks. But positioning yourself for long-term quality of life may involve moving to a community that also offers assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing services, among others.

The point is that we all require additional care over time. By immersing yourself in a residential setting that has all the necessary health and wellness services available, you can maximize your quality of life each and every day. And, you’ll never have to move again.

The Lodge Makes Retiring Today Easier than Ever Before

Staying in the workforce and managing a house is like having two full-time jobs. Retirement is the exact opposite if you organize your finances and move into a community of like-minded people. The Lodge provides retirees the full-service benefits necessary to embrace your retirement and enjoy the daily life you deserve. The non-profit’s parent organization — Magnolia Manor Senior Living — has been working with retirees since 1963 to provide the best quality of life possible. If you are ready to come to terms with your fear and desire about retiring, contact The Lodge today.