Faith-Based Retirement in Columbus, GA

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Two-thirds of Americans 65 or older say that religion is “very important” in their lives. If you are considering a move to a senior living community and you have a strong religious faith, you might want to choose a faith-based community. There is a lot to be said for a community where residents share your beliefs and values. With so much in common, it’s easy to make friends and feel welcomed and comfortable, right from the start.

But what is it like to live in a faith-based senior community, day in and day out? That depends on the community itself. Faith-based or not, retirement communities can vary dramatically in size, housing options, services and amenities, care levels available, and cost. You’ll want to investigate all those factors as you’re doing your research.

Here’s how we practice faith-based senior living at The Lodge

faith based senior living columbus georgiaWe Worship
In a faith-based community you can feel free to practice your faith. The most obvious example of that is coming together to worship. At The Lodge’s chapel, we will be open for services of all denominations and our convenient location to numerous places of worship make it easy for residents to attend the church or synagogue of their choice within Columbus.

We Gather in Small Groups
Already, The Lodge team is gathering together for weekly Bible study, and in the future, we
anticipate adding prayer groups and personal pastoral conversations to strengthen our faith, for those who choose to participate.

faith based retirement columbus georgiaWe Play
Active seniors enjoy getting out there and enjoying independence and good health. Between everything the city of Columbus has to offer and all the educational, cultural, recreational, fitness, and other activities that will be available at The Lodge, we expect you will never run out of fun things to do. There will be a ready-made cadre of great neighbors to share those experiences with, or you can pursue interests on our own.

faith based retirement columbus georgiaWe Eat
Feeding the body is just as important as feeding the soul. Here at The Lodge, independent residents will be able to cook for themselves at home in their villa or apartment, just as they would anywhere else. But who wants to cook all the time? We will have multiple dining venues on site that will serve tasty menu offerings from coffee and a pastry in the morning to full breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

When we want to throw a party, there’s a large room we can use for that, with catered food provided by The Lodge. When we feel like barbeque, there are grills ready to fire up in the main courtyard. And, of course, Columbus is replete with fabulous eateries.

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We Do Everything All Seniors Love to Do
What is different is that we do it all from a foundation of faith that tells us to welcome others into our community, no matter their own faith. We live every day to the fullest – after all, that’s the reason for moving to a senior community – confident our minds, bodies, and spirits will be well-cared-for even as we grow older and our physical or mental abilities change.

We may be seniors, but we’re aging in a place that feels like home in every way because it is.

We Invite You to Give It a Try
The best way to learn what faith-based senior living is like is to join us for an event. We encourage potential fellow residents to participate in a Bible study group, or one of our men’s or women’s book clubs. You can check out The Lodge by taking a virtual tour. And, if you want to talk, please give us a call.

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