Gain More Independence with Independent Living at The Lodge

independent living georgia

What does “independence” mean to you? When you were young, you may have thought it meant never having someone else tell you what to do. As you got older, though, you realized independence is really about self-reliance – the ability to “do” for yourself as you live your life. The ability to make decisions for yourself, to handle everyday tasks, to come and go as you like.

If you’re a senior or are approaching retirement, it’s easy to assume the best place to maintain your future independence is the home you live in right now. It’s familiar, your friends and church are nearby. Maybe your family is nearby, too.

But there’s more to aging in place gracefully and happily than the familiarity of the past.

independent living georgiaMoving to The Lodge Expands Your Independence

Let’s be honest. Doing things you love and spending time with friends and family. That’s fun. Doing chores. Not so much. Your Mom always said you couldn’t have it both ways, but at The Lodge, you can!

Wherever you live now, you can hire out the things you don’t want to do – yard work, house work, etc. You can even hire someone to bring your dinner right to your door if you don’t want to cook. But it takes time and resources to organize all that. Real retirement means never having to do unwanted chores again. At The Lodge, we do the work so you can have more free time to live the carefree life.

independent living georgiaAnd the cooking? Our villas and apartments have fully-equipped kitchens, but you can also stroll over to one of our onsite restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even take-out.

More independence also means less worry. So The Lodge is staffed 24/7, just in case you need assistance. There’s even an emergency button in each residence.

You’ll Never Run Out of Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Active

independent living georgia

If you’re healthy and active, you might think there’s nothing to do at a senior living community. At The Lodge, you can retire from your job, if you want to, but you won’t be retiring from life! The list of amenities is too long to include here, so let’s just say there is something for everyone, whether your interests are educational, cultural, musical, recreational . . . you get the idea. Pampering at the spa? We have that, too.

Enjoy taking your pooch for a walk? We’re pet-friendly at The Lodge, whether your pet is a dog, cat, bird or other friendly creature, and we’ll have plenty of walking paths for you and your four-legged friend to choose from.

Need even more to keep you busy? Downtown Columbus, Georgia is right outside your door. You might say that The Lodge is a community within a community, and the community of Columbus is one of the best places to retire in America. Deep military and historical traditions, plus all the excitement and rewards of diverse cultural offerings and a vibrant nightlife.

independent living georgiaWe Cater to Your Spirit

The Lodge is a non profit, faith-based community. We understand just how important a lifted spirit can be to maintain your sense of independence. Practicing your faith adds meaning and dimension to every day, so activities at The Lodge include Bible study, worship services in the onsite chapel, and personalized pastoral care. That said, we welcome residents of all faiths and encourage each person to practice spirituality their own way.

Long-Term Support, No Matter Your Needs

Maximum independence is always the goal. But carefree living means never having to move again, even if you need a helping hand (or significant care) at some point. The Lodge offers full-service care, so this can be your home for life.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? We’ve designed The Lodge to be inspiring. Fulfilling. Just the place to live your independent, carefree life. Don’t waste another minute wondering what the future will bring! Take a virtual tour, give us a call, or schedule an appointment for more info.

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