Meet the McNairs

Ask Gail and Nick McNair if they’re concerned about moving, and they’ll prove that they’re really pros at this. “We’ve moved 17 times in 21 years,” says Gail. “We just haven’t done it in a while!”

Married for close to 50 years, the McNairs met while they were both studying biology at Clemson University. Upon graduation, Nick went into the U.S. Army as a medical service corps officer, and his new wife joined him for an adventure that spanned the globe. Gail and Nick – and eventually, their two girls – moved from South Carolina to Georgia to Texas, Alaska and South Korea. One of their favorite deployments was Alaska, where Nick was assigned to fly a helicopter. “I got to fly all over Alaska,” said Nick. “It was magnificent – like working for National Geographic magazine. Plus I got paid to do it!”

When Nick retired from the Army after 21 years, the family ended up in Columbus, GA, where they became the owners of a children’s gift store in the Peachtree Mall. Sanrio Surprises carried lots of Hello Kitty merchandise – and it was a great place to teach their two daughters the importance of hard work, as both were part of the staff.

After 10 years at the store, Gail and Nick retired for good, moving to a country home in Smith Station, AL. With two daughters and four grandchildren, the couple knew they wanted more than their neighborhood could offer them.

“We wanted to be in a smaller area with neighbors – and just get to know different people,” said Nick. “We’re also looking forward to getting involved in new volunteer activities, too.” Gail is very involved in volunteer activities, as she’s sewn countless blankets for the Linus Project for children in hospitals.

The McNairs have chosen to live in a two-bedroom villa, and they’re especially looking forward to their back porch. Another bonus – they’re both into exercise and walking, so you’ll likely be seeing them on the trails and in the outdoor spaces at The Lodge. And if you see them this September, be sure to wish them a happy 50th anniversary, if you can catch them. After all, this couple is all about moving.