The Benefits of Choosing a Retirement Community Long Before You Need It

senior independent living in columbus georgia

It can be tempting to keep putting off thinking about the future, but the older you get, the more you understand the value of time. If you’re in good health mentally and physically now, you have the precious gift of time. Using that time to deliberately chart a course for your future allows you to make fully-informed and best-choice decisions.

Waiting until you become ill or begin to require assistance with daily tasks puts undue pressure on you and your loved ones. If you have to make a decision quickly, you will face far fewer options. And knowing where you want to live in these circumstances relieves your children and loved ones from having to make that decision for you. Instead, taking the time to plan now opens doors and uncovers opportunities you might not have expected, giving you the chance to choose living accommodations and a lifestyle just right for your senior years.

senior independent living in columbus georgia Time to Mentally Prepare for Downsizing (and Change in General)
Many parents look forward to the day when their nest finally empties. You love your children with all your heart, but you’re SO ready to cut back on space, housework and yard work and, frankly, spend more time on your own passions. Whether those include recreation, hobbies, or volunteering more at your church, planning for your future allows you to ensure you can continue to pursue those passions as you age.

Time to Sort through Your Stuff
What treasures do you really want to keep? What do you want your children or grandkids to have? What can you sell or donate to an organization that helps those less fortunate? These decisions aren’t easy, but with time on your side you can make decisions gradually. Start with the easy stuff.

senior independent living in columbus georgia Time to Pick Exactly the Right Place!
It takes time to research senior living communities and get a feel for their atmosphere as well as their practical services and amenities. Ask if you can “stick your toe in the water” by participating in activities and meeting some of your potential future neighbors. That will help you determine if the community is a good fit for you, plus you’ll have a ready-made group of compadres the minute you move in! At The Lodge, we’re already busy with book clubs and bible study groups you can join. Learn more about our activities here.

Time to Capture a Brand New Opportunity
As we like to say at The Lodge, “Being first has its benefits!” Since we’re not even open yet, you can plan to move in when we do. Meanwhile, you can enjoy multiple rewards that come with reserving your apartment in advance, from choosing the colors and other details for your new home to free meals after move-in.

senior independent living in columbus georgia Time to Get Your Finances in Order
Knowing what senior living options truly cost is vital for future planning, especially since costs can vary widely depending on the level of services, amenities, and care you will receive. Assess your personal resources, and research options such as long term care insurance (which may be a good investment even if you’re already a senior). Talk to your accountant or another financial professional to learn about all of your options.

senior independent living in columbus georgia Time to Prep Your House for Sale
Real estate agents know that it’s the details that sell a house, and there are lots of things you can do to give your home and yard a fresh, updated appeal without spending a great deal of money. That said, if your home needs more significant repairs, do that also, if it will help your home sell faster for more money.

Having time to plan your future will benefit you in all these ways, but the biggest benefits of all will be stress relief and peace of mind. And those are priceless.

Questions about Carefree Living?
We’re here to help! For general questions, check out our FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions. Curious what The Lodge will look like? Take a virtual tour to see what we have planned for this brand new senior living community. Still need more info? You can always give us a call or contact us online.

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