7 Things You Need to Know About Retirement Communities

People say a lot of things about retirement communities. Perhaps this comes from experience or the fact that people haven’t seen a vigorous community where healthy people are living their best lives. Whatever negative myths are out there, it’s time to set the record straight.

We’ve gathered seven of the most surprising facts about senior living communities. They are:

  1. The good ones are still affordable.
  2. They’re exciting.
  3. You make new friends.
  4. You keep your independence.
  5. You can have pets.
  6. They’re for healthy people.
  7. You are allowed to continue to work.

This article will dive into these points and discuss what living in a retirement community is really like. Whether you’re looking at Georgia retirement communities, or elsewhere in the country, today’s communities are nothing like the stereotypes we’re all familiar with.

Retirement Community Myths

1. A Good Retirement Community is More Affordable Thank You Think

Just like living in non-retirement communities and apartments, it’s generally true that price correlates with quality. However, this in no way means that a retirement community is financially out of reach for average Americans.

To truly understand the cost-to-benefit ratio, you need to consider not just the retirement community costs, but also the homeownership costs that joining a retirement community eliminates. For example, in a retirement community you have no more mortgage and no maintenance, repair or upkeep costs. Then consider the additional value that comes with the amenities a retirement community provides. For example, at The Lodge, our retirement community pricing includes amenities and services such as:

  • Full-service dining venues
  • 24/7 security
  • Most utility costs
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Activities, events and entertainment programs
  • On-site facilities including a healthcare center, walking paths and gathering spaces
  • Trash removal

When you tally up the cost of these savings and benefits, you may well find that a retirement community is an economical choice.

2. Retirement Communities are Vibrant and Exciting Places

Retirement communities are designed to maximize entertainment and new experiences, all in beautifully designed spaces. A retirement community is as much about learning new things, engaging in your favorite hobbies and meeting new people as it is about having a place to call home. In fact, for many residents the “community” is one of the best and most exciting aspects of transitioning out of a privately-owned home.

At The Lodge, residents have access to a full schedule of events, hobby and game rooms, a spa, a fitness center and more. You deserve to feel happy and comfortable at home, and that’s exactly the atmosphere the best retirement communities offer.

3. You Make New Friends and Have New Experiences

The “community” aspect of a retirement community is all about socializing, relationships and enjoyment. There is a constantly rotating schedule of hosted activities, as well as communal gathering spaces that naturally lead to connections and friendships.

But it’s not just about meeting new people. Retirement communities are also designed with entertaining your friends and family in mind. Event rooms are perfect for hosting reunions and parties. The Lodge, for example, features gathering spaces large enough for 100 people. The space, the activities and the amenities are all carefully created and implemented so you enjoy your time in a community more than you would have if you lived alone.

4. You Can Be As Independent As You Want To Be

Independence is one of the most valued aspects of adult life, at any age. That’s why retirement communities are designed for you to continue to live independently, only with fewer hassles. Independent living at The Lodge means no more home repair or lawn maintenance, freeing you up to pursue your personal interests. And while you can consider the entire campus and all it has to offer as your home, your personal space is a private one under your control, just like any apartment.

At a retirement community, the staff and services are about providing you options and opportunities. You are in control of your life, and the retirement community is here to help you do what you want to do. If you reach a point in your life when you do need help with daily tasks, there are levels of care such as assisted living to provide that for you as well. But even if you reach that point, assistance is structured to maximize your abilities so you maintain your independence, not lose it.

5. You Can Keep Your Pets

Just like any apartment building or planned community, some retirement communities permit pets and some do not.  Some communities such as The Lodge have special areas that allow for pets such as an apartment or villa with easy access to the outside.  The key here is that moving into a retirement community does not mean having to give up your pets. When it comes to pets, choosing the right community is key.

If you’re concerned about taking your pet with you, ask the communities you’re interested in if they’re pet-friendly. It’s easy enough to eliminate the ones that aren’t and focus your attention on those that will welcome your entire family, including pets.

6.  People Are Pretty Healthy

Not all retirement communities are nursing homes which are primarily for those who need skilled nursing care.  Independent living in a retirement community is designed for active and healthy adults who want a fun and worry-free place to call home. The Lodge is designed for residents over the age of 62 who want to maintain an active lifestyle, enjoy the amenities and activities available to them and live worry-free from home maintenance.  The benefit if their physical needs to change and they need some additional assistance, those services are right there on campus.

7. You Don’t Have To Be Retired

This myth is one of the most baffling to have to de-bunk; of course you can work while living in a retirement community. Nearly a third of Americans between 65 and 74 are projected to be working in 2022, many by choice. From an economic standpoint, it would be a terrible business practice for any retirement community to attempt to restrict its residents from working. Even more important are the values of a community like The Lodge. Respect for personal dignity and personal choice lie at the very heart of The Lodge’s vision as a community, and that includes letting residents have the freedom to decide whether or not they work.

Don’t Let Retirement Community Myths Hold You Back

Shedding light on these little-known facts should give you some insight into the exceptional benefits of choosing a retirement community for your next home. Most residents actually wish they’d made the move sooner.

If you are looking for a full-service community that will allow you to continue to live independently, while maximizing your opportunities to learn and pursue your interests, then contact us to learn more.