Magnolia Manor Takes Preventative Measures Against Spreading COVID-19

Magnolia Manor Home Office, Americus, GA, March 10, 2020 – Magnolia Manor has been continuously monitoring all of the available information and recommendations for preventing COVID-19 from entering and spreading at our facilities to our residents. As this challenge continues to grow, we will be working hard to communicate and implement all potential solutions for this issue. We have the latest and best information available which we will use to direct our efforts, but there will be inconveniences to some. Please be patient and work with us to ensure the health and safety of our residents and the staff who serve them.

Currently, Magnolia Manor facilities have taken the following steps to prepare for potential COVID-19 infections:

  1. Posters for Visitation Protocols and proper Hand Washing Techniques are on display at all facilities.
  2. Visitation is not permitted for ANY persons with COVID19 or Influenza symptoms. Facilities will work with family members for other ways to communicate with residents. Notification posters are on display at all entrances. Contact the facility Administrator or Director of Nursing for any additional information.
  3. We are in regular communication with our Pharmacy and Medical Supply partners regarding pharmaceutical and medical supplies. Couriers have been educated on the virus.
  4. Communication is ongoing with our vendors and contractors regarding our processes and protocols.
  5. Facilities will ensure adequate personal protection equipment available for all staff.
  6. Mandatory education sessions for all employees are being conducted,
  7. Admission Criteria with increased and heightened guidance on COVID-19 will be used during this time.
  8. Daily information updates are being provided to facilities on current state of the COVID-19 outbreak and best practices.
  9. We are strictly enforcing Magnolia Manor’s Employee Illness and Return to Work policies.

Effective, Wednesday, March 11, 2020, we will be enacting additional preventative measures for our facilities. These measures are outlined below:

  1. Entry is restricted to individuals who need entry
  2. There will be a single point of entry for all staff and visitors at each facility

B, Visits such as social visits, tours with prospective families and outside groups (schools, church, etc.) will be greatly limited.

  1. Volunteer service will be greatly limited.
  2. We will be actively screening all individuals entering each facility,
  3. This screening process will ask individuals for respiratory symptoms and their travel within the last 14 days
  4. This screening will apply to everyone: Employees, Family Members, Visitors, Volunteers and Contractors.
  5. Visiting hours will be reduced. The hours will be from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p m. to allow for closer screening of visitors,
  6. All individuals entering the building will wash their hands at entry.
  7. This includes all employees, visitors, and contractors.
  8. Handwashing and Hand sanitizing stations will be set up inside the center at the single point of entry.
    C. Employees, Visitors, and contractors will be encouraged to wash their hands frequently throughout the day,
  9. Activities
  10. Resident activities that involve residents outside of the building to public places will be greatly limited and canceled.
  11. Residents and employees who display any respiratory symptoms will not be permitted in group activates within the facility

In order to make sure that all communication needs are met, please call my office if you have questions or need additional information. We solicit your prayers and understanding as we work hard every day to service and support the loved ones entrusted to our care.

Headquartered in Americus, Georgia, Magnolia Manor is a faith-based, tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization affiliated by covenant with the South Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Magnolia Manor was established in 1959 and serves more than 1,500 senior adults daily throughout South Georgia. Services at our nine locations are open to all persons, regardless of denominational affiliation. We provide various levels of care, including Independent Living, Catered Care, Personal Care, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitative Therapy, and specialized Memory Care.