Independent Senior Living in Columbus, GA

senior living columbusLove the Life You Choose to Live

When you move to a senior living community, you can retire in more ways than one; we like to call it “carefree living.” In our community, you retain the privacy you want in your personal residence—but without the headaches and hassle of everyday chores. No more cleaning gutters or changing light bulbs. When you move to The Lodge, you are joining our family, where you will be among friends, your social life is active and be surrounded by an abundance of amenities in a relaxed atmosphere – the very definition of community.

Why Not Stay Where You Are?


senior living columbus

Find Your Senior Living Fit

There are many different types of independent senior living communities, and finding the right one can feel overwhelming. Focus your search on spaces that meet your daily needs, fill your social calendar, and allow you the freedom to live your life to the fullest. At The Lodge, we believe in creating environments that promote “carefree living,” and give our residents the space to enjoy each moment.

The Types of Independent Living Communities


senior living columbus

What to Expect in Senior Living

Nervous about this new transition in life? Trust us, you’re not alone. Your day-to-day experience at The Lodge can mimic the routines you already love, with the addition of social activities and events—and without household chores. We help our residents create an inspiring independent living experience tailored to their needs, while still leaving room for new opportunities and discoveries.

What is Senior Living Like?


senior living columbus

The Costs of Senior Independent Living

The cost your senior living can vary depending on your area, the amenities offered or the services you need daily. At the Lodge, we value outstanding service and quality for a reasonable cost. If you want to learn more about the breakdown of independent living community fees and how The Lodge compares, take a look at the article below.

Paying for Senior Independent Living


How to Choose Your Next Home

There is a lot to think about as you consider the sort of environment that will suit you best (and serve you best) in your senior years. Senior living is designed to foster a strong sense of friendship, of good health and community. You can do more of the things you love, stretch your wings, and be confident as well as carefree, because you’re not alone. When you’re ready to make your final decision, we hope you pick The Lodge in amazing Columbus, Georgia. We can’t wait to meet you.

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