Retiring in Columbus, GA


There is so much more to retiring than not having to go to work every day. For active, independent seniors, retirement is an open door to the rest of your life — a chance to live each day on your own terms, where you choose, doing the things you love most with good friends or family. As any realtor will tell you, it’s all about location, location, location.

Columbus, Georgia, for example.

Why would you want to retire in Columbus? Well, why would you not? Columbus has so much going for it. The more you learn about it, the more you will want to join us here, surrounded by gorgeous country, famously-friendly people, and a never-ending panoply of ways to feed your body, mind and spirit.

It’s smart to plan ahead because, like it or not, most seniors will eventually require some assistance with everyday tasks or health-related concerns. Finding a retirement setting that will serve you well now, when you’re fully independent and also later, if you need more care, allows you to make the best decisions for yourself. Waiting to make that decision may mean your children or other family members will have to decide for you. No one wants that.

Join us now, as we give you a glimpse into what retiring in Columbus is all about.

Why Choose Georgia?

senior living low taxes columbus georgiaIt is ranked #1 among states for retirees. Rankings are based on a wide range of factual criteria that are important to seniors, such as healthcare accessibility, wellness and entertainment opportunities, cultural amenities, weather, crime statistics, and overall quality of life. Affordability is a top priority for seniors budgeting for retirement, and Georgia is especially tax-friendly:

  • Sales taxes are low
  • There is no state tax on Social Security income, and seniors enjoy a very generous tax deduction on retirement income from other sources
  • There is no inheritance or estate tax

And here’s another fact: Georgians are some of the friendliest, most welcoming people you will ever meet. Retire here, and you won’t be a stranger for long. We’re already looking forward to meeting you!

Why Choose Columbus?

senior living in columbus georgia“Under the radar and over the top, Columbus, GA blends a vibrant artsy energy with unique local history and a killer food scene,” says Best Places to Retire. They report Columbus is “also the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, listen to local bands and taste finely brewed beer.”

For all these reasons and more, Columbus ranks among the top 10 cities in the country for retirees. It’s easy to see why.

Columbus is Affordable
Based on an average score of 100, the cost of living in Columbus scores a 74.4 – in other words, it is considerably more financially friendly than the average city. When your money goes farther, you have more choices for an enjoyable retirement lifestyle.

senior living columbus georgia

The weather is as warm as the people
The Columbus area is described as a “warm temperate moist forest biome.” You can count on a little precipitation every month – that’s why it’s so green and gorgeous here! Chances are slim you’ll ever see snow, though, so you can give away that shovel and say so long to back-breaking winter work. January temperatures average 58° for a high with a low of 37°.

Moist climate in summer means humidity, it’s true, but it is also true that humidity helps keep your skin moisturized. That beats the heck out of some retirement destinations, where you might have to contend with weeks of desiccating, triple-digit heat. In Columbus, high temperatures in July average 92°, with lows of 73°.

Educational activities feed your mind

  • Continuing education classes at local colleges
  • Library
  • Lectures
  • Coca-Cola Space Science Center
  • Omnisphere Planetarium
  • Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center

senior living theater columbus gerogiaCultural activities feed your soul
The Springer Opera House, proclaimed as the State Theatre of Georgia by President Jimmy Carter, is home to all sorts of live performances. And you’ll find no less than three venues on campus at Columbia State University’s College of the Arts. Columbus boasts multiple museums, its own professional ballet company and symphony orchestra.

Historic Uptown is a happenin’ place

  • Market Days on Broadway — fresh local produce and more every Saturday morning
  • First Friday gatherings (here in Columbus we zero in on one establishment each week, rather than doing the typical multi-location event you see in most towns)
  • Dining
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping

Join the crowd for community events
Columbus residents love to congregate for good times, so there are numerous fairs and festivals, including the Columbus Beer & Wine Festival and the Blues, Brew & Q (as in BBQ), as well as outdoor concerts. Sporting events, too, including ice hockey. Wait, what? Yep, you read that right – Columbus is home to a professional ice hockey team called the Columbus River Dragons.

independent living columbus georgiaOutdoor activities inspire every interest
Thanks to year-round great weather, it’s always a good day to do something outdoors. Columbus offers green space galore plus both lake and riverfront water. The Chattahoochee River beckons those who enjoy casually meandering along the 15-mile Columbus RiverWalk or something more exhilarating such as kayaking or whitewater rafting, which has been described as “wild as Colorado and as warm as Costa Rica.” Never been zip-lining? Now’s your chance.

You can go biking and mountain biking, fishing, hunting, running, hiking or strolling, play golf, disc golf, or tennis. Explore the Columbus Fall Line and Black Heritage Trail or the Dragonfly Trail. Take a picnic and watch the wildlife. Or spend the day at Flat Rock Park or Standing Boy Creek State Park.

senior living museums columbus georgiaColumbus is the essence of “military friendly”
Veterans love retiring to Columbus. Whether you’re a military history buff simply out of interest or because your family members have been helping create that history for generations, you’ll feel right at home with the military vibe in Columbus. The entire state has a rich military history, but right here in Columbus we have three engrossing military museums – the Columbus Museum, National Infantry Museum, and National Civil War Museum – plus Ft. Benning literally right next door.

There is even a brand new 10,000 square foot VA clinic in town, to handle everything from regular exams and lab work to minor procedures and appointments with specialists. And speaking of health care, Columbus is home to more than a dozen different hospitals.

senior living dining columbus georgiaCulinary delights please every palate
Of course you can find all the tasty favorites that come to mind when you think of Southern cuisine, but Columbus is home to an array of restaurants in all styles and flavors. And then there’s the local, farm fresh produce (available at the weekly Market Days in Uptown). Georgia may be famous for peaches, but this is an agricultural state and the area around Columbus is replete with farms that offer mouth-watering fruits and veggies. Healthy eating never tasted better.

Columbus is a city steeped in American history, but it is also a city that is embracing the future – just like you. As the visitors’ bureau likes to say, you can “go all out in Columbus, GA.”

Columbus is just, plain fun
Superhero Day on Broadway in Uptown is your annual opportunity to morph into your favorite Transformer or be Spiderman or Wonder Woman for a day. On almost any day you can visit the Lunchbox Museum, to see if your childhood-favorite lunch tote is on display.

Quiz your friends about Columbus trivia

  • active independent living columbus georgiaHow many parks are there? (Fifty!)
  • Columbus is often referred to as Fountain City. How many are there? We’re not sure, but you could set a goal to count them.
  • Atlanta may be HQ for Coca-Cola these days, but did you know the world’s most famous beverage got its start in Columbus?
  • Famous writer and playwright Carson McCullers was born and grew up in Columbus

“Active” retirement means something a bit different to each person. However, no matter who you are and what you love to do (or want to try for the first time), Columbus has you covered. There is always something enticing to see, do, eat or shop for, and there are plenty of ways to kick back and relax.

And, by the way, Columbus is rated one of the best places in the country for families as well as seniors. Maybe your children and grandkids will move here to be with you, once they visit and experience Columbus for themselves.

Senior Living in Columbus

If you already live in Columbus or elsewhere in Georgia, or you’ve had a chance to visit, then you know first-hand how great this area is. We’ve been preaching to the choir, as the saying goes. So let’s talk about where to live.

senior living columbus georgiaYou could decide to purchase a new house or condo to serve as your retirement headquarters in Columbus. But why? That simply re-saddles you with all those time-consuming and costly chores of home maintenance you have now, not to mention the recurring financial burden of mortgage payments, property taxes, etc. That doesn’t sound much like retirement!

In a senior living community, almost all of your costs (utilities, maintenance, etc.) are rolled into a single payment so it’s simple and predictable. These communities cater to seniors, with amenities and activities designed to support independent retirement, whether you want to mingle or spend time alone. Many also offer advanced levels of care, such as assisted living, which is a key factor in planning your retirement years. But they can vary tremendously in style, features, quality, and cost.

The Best Thing About Retiring in Columbus? You Can Live at The Lodge!

The Lodge is all about senior living with flair! This will be a brand new, full service senior community located in the heart of Columbus. So, while you’ll find much to keep you happily occupied right here at your home base, you are just moments away from the entire world that Columbus has to offer, and beyond.

The Lodge is part of the Magnolia Manor family of faith-based senior living communities – nine campuses sprinkled throughout southern Georgia, all renowned for what we like to think of as the Magnolia Manor difference. The factors that make our communities so special are all important considerations for anyone planning their retirement:

    • senior living columbus georgiaA wealth of amenities that will include opportunities to feed the mind, body and spirit in ways that are most meaningful to each resident.
    • Faith-based, with onsite activities that include worship services, Bible study groups, and pastoral care. Though we are proud of our faith traditions, we welcome residents of all faiths because we are also proud of our diversity.
    • We refer to ourselves as “family” deliberately, because that’s how we all treat one another, whether we’re staff or residents. We genuinely care about each other, and it shows!
    • Surprising affordability. We don’t skimp, because our residents deserve our best. And since Magnolia Manor is a non-profit organization that takes a conservative approach to financial management, we have the resources and long-term stability to provide well for our residents now and into the future.

senior living apartment columbus georgiaStill, The Lodge is different from other senior living communities, in that we will provide residents with a full continuum of care onsite. Once you move to The Lodge, you’ll never have to leave your friends and neighbors, even if there comes a time when you need additional care. The Lodge will be able to serve residents in Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing. For now, though, we want to welcome you as an independent resident – as long as you (or one of you, if you’re a couple) is at least 62 years old. After all, this is a senior community.

Independent senior living allows you to leave your must-do chores behind and focus on your want-to-do list instead. At The Lodge, we call that carefree living. A lifestyle rich in opportunities to feed your mind, strengthen your body, and lift your spirit.

Independent residents will live in comfortable villas or one- or two-bedroom apartments. The units are spacious and early depositors have the opportunity to choose some of their own cabinets, countertops and finishing touches. Your residence is your own home, to come and go as you please, without the usual homeowner headaches and hassles. Someone else will handle the yard work and maintenance, while you enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, a trip to the spa or a golf outing with friends.

You’ll love your new neighbors – in fact, you can meet some of them right now. And since we know that pets can do so much to boost one’s spirit, we’re pet-friendly at The Lodge. Small pets are welcome in our independent living villas and select apartments.

Tips to Choose Your Retirement City

Planning ahead for retirement gives you time to honestly contemplate what you want. Now that you’ve fulfilled your career obligations and your kids are grown and on their own, you can downsize and put yourself first. There is so much to look forward to! In fact, a positive, optimistic outlook can literally help you live longer by reducing risk of stroke, heart disease, breathing problems, and more.

We obviously love Columbus, and we’ve presented a myriad of reasons why we think Columbus is #1 for retirement. But don’t take our word for it – retirement is as personal as you are unique. So, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • senior living columbus georgiaWhat kind of environment do you prefer? Think about scenery, weather, urban vs. rural. Think about what you don’t like, as well. Factors that you consider deal-killers will make it easy to cross certain cities off your list of retirement possibilities.
  • If your faith is an important part of your daily life, be sure to note whether the city you’re considering offers plentiful opportunities to connect with your spiritual community.
  • What do you like to do? Or, what have you always wanted to do? Retirement is your chance to do more of the things you’ve always loved or to head off in some new direction, if you’re so inclined. You’re never too old to take up a new sport, or a new language or hobby.
  • Check out healthcare options in town. As an independent senior, you’ll want to find a primary care provider you like, but access to clinics and hospitals is also important. Illness and accidents do happen.
  • What will happen if your needs change? Yes, you’re healthy and active now, but if you have a worsening health condition, or you need assistance with some daily personal tasks, or your memory starts to fade, will you have to move again? If so, where will you go? Making a retirement move that considers the future as well as the here-and-now can bring tremendous peace of mind to you and your family.

Deciding where to retire is a matter of comparing your list of must-haves and other factors you feel are important for a comfortable retirement to the location possibilities you have identified. We think you’ll find that the lifestyle available at The Lodge in Columbus, Georgia, matches your list quite nicely.

But you cannot know for sure if Columbus and The Lodge are right for you until you see for yourself. If you’ve never been to Columbus, you’d better come visit! See the sights, taste the food, visit a museum, grab a sweet tea to go and check out the RiverWalk GeoTour, or head to Uptown for shopping and stick around for the nightlife.

Want to know more about The Lodge? Check out our virtual tour and give us a call for a personal chat with one of our friendly team members. You’ve got questions, and our knowledgeable team has answers.

What Are You Waiting For?

senior living columbusPlanning ahead gives you a chance to think carefully and thoroughly about what you really want retirement to be like – and to find a place that supports your desires in every way. You have probably discovered that Columbus has a whole lot more to offer for your retirement years than you imagined.

It’s easy to picture yourself enjoying a fulfilling retirement in Columbus, with The Lodge as your home base, isn’t it?

Every day you aren’t here you’re missing out on all Columbus has to offer – and that’s a lot! Besides, independent living residences at The Lodge are filling up fast. The sooner you reserve your future home, the sooner you’ll be able to make the move. You might even become a charter resident, among the first to populate this brand new senior living community.

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